About Me

I've been writing since I jotted down a story about a talking hamburger on the pages of my father's day planner when I was six. During college, I was published as an academic and as a short story writer.

Now I write technothrillers. But I'd like to think they're not just thrillers. They're a touch literary, because that's how I started. A little feminist, because I apologize less these days. Very technical, because details are important.

I genuinely believe well-written stories are a tool for self-reflection and improvement. We never see ourselves clearly, but sometimes we get a glimpse of ourselves in a character. Stories let us process our emotions, wrestle with hard decisions, and explore the consequences of our actions.

The stories we tell ourselves matter because that is how we make and remake ourselves. Telling (and reading) meaningful stories is how we get a better understanding of experiences we haven't lived.

And that matters a lot.

Because 2020

I'm still not sure how I can best help, but I do know one thing. I don't need the royalties from my books to live on right now. For the next five years, I will donate all of the royalties from my books to one of the charities below. I've made my own donations already, and my royalties aren't a lot.
But it's something. And if we all do a little something, maybe 2021 will be better.

About My Books

Currently, I'm writing in the Navy Trent series. I write each book so it can be read standalone, so don't worry about jumping to whichever book interests you most.

Check out the books page for more details on each novel.

Books and publications