I've been writing since I jotted down a story about a talking hamburger on the pages of my father's day planner when I was six. Since then, I've been published as an academic and as a short story writer.

Latest book

Trap and Trace
A sabotaged CIA operation makes Navy Trent a captive. But surviving the kidnapping is just the beginning of her ordeal. The CIA will kill her if she doesn't stay quiet. The saboteurs will kill her if she does. Navy is forced into a high-tech, high-stakes game of cat-and-mouse where only her wits - and a little bit of luck - can keep her alive.


  • "Sarina, Sweetheart", a novel, quarterfinalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2014 contest
  • "Signs of My Cities", a photography book
  • "Flighty Youth", Spring 2006 issue of the Raritan, a quarterly published by Rutgers University
  • "Modern Mayhem", reprinted online at Writersworld.com(website no longer up)
  • "Directions" in BellTower, print literary magazine at Purdue University, won first prize in the fiction section
  • "The Trojan Made Me Do It: A First Step in Statistical Based Computer Forensics Event Reconstruction", by Megan Carney and Marc Rogers. International Journal of Digital Evidence, Spring 2004, Volume 2, Issue 4
  • "Modern Mayhem", 2002 issue of Wayfarer, literary magazine at University of Minnesota
  • "Swing By Close" in Wayfarer, won first prize in fiction section
  • "Active Monitoring of Network Systems using Mobile Agents", by Anand Tripathi, Tanvir Ahmed, Sumedh Pathak, Abhijit Pathak, Megan Carney, Murlidhar Koka, and Paul Dokas. In proceedings of Networks 2002, a joint conference of ICWLHN 2002 and ICN 2002, 269-280, 2002.
  • "Paradigms for Mobile Agent-Based Active Monitoring", by Anand Tripathi, Tanvir Ahmed, Sumedh Pathak, Megan Carney, Paul Dokas. IEEE Network Operation and Management Symposium (NOMS-2002), 65-78, 2002.